Monthly Archives: October 2010

Drama for Kids

This blog is about doing drama with kids. I write and direct stage plays for elementary school students, usually as an extracurricular club. So far I have done four stage plays which I typically write in the summer and rehearse from January to April. Student actors learn their parts on a very different schedule than adults!

I have also collaborated on scripts with children and created non-fiction videos based on trips and events. To take a break from stage plays, I recently made a comic science fiction video called “The Fiendish Plot of Doctor Cyclone.”

Teachers are always looking for ways to enrich the curriculum with resources that are free or economical. In this blog, I want to do something my teaching mentor, Mike Taylor, did for me. I helped Mike direct a couple of his original shows while he taught me how to write, produce and direct my own.

If I had not been able to learn side-by-side from a master teacher, I would not be writing school plays today. It’s not hard but it’s so much easier if you can follow an example and get advice. The purpose of this blog is provide a resource for teachers interested in doing drama with their kids whether they want to run an improvisation club or create a musical. I don’t pretend to be a big expert, just a teacher with a passion for drama. It’s a great way to hook your kids into learning and help them achieve success.

So, don’t hesitate, put on a show. Every kid can be a ‘star’ on your stage.