Back to School with Podcasting

It’s Labour Day weekend in Canada and like most teachers I’m thinking about school. My preparations are done: haircut, lesson plans and materials for the first week, walls decorated and desk organized. I think teaching is the only job where, while you are on holiday, your furniture gets moved, your computer unplugged and you have to unpack your desk before you report back to work!

I can’t complain about the vacation time, of course. I love having two months off for relaxing and writing. I’m still editing my novel-in-progress so I didn’t write  a play this summer. Instead, I’ve been concentrating on learning how to manipulate digital pictures and film. It’s quite astounding what you can create on a home computer.

This fall, I’m a new librarian which gives me daily access to a computer lab with students. Instead of a play or a film, this year I’m thinking of exploring podcasting. We might make videos or radio plays and upload them to school websites or even iTunes. It all depends on the interests of the students in the Media club and to what extent other teachers want to get involved with their classes.

September, so full of terror and promise.

Have a happy return!


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