Drama over the P. A.

Morning announcements. They can be so boring. School announcements often follow a set format with the national anthem, followed by the date, a few information items and then the thought of the day. It’s natural to tune out something so routine, especially for students who aren’t quite awake.

Right now I’m publicizing book fair at my school with only two weeks to go. The book fair manual recommends you start planning at least five weeks ahead. Drama skills to the rescue! I am using student-created skits on the P.A. for publicity. These attract the attention of teachers and students much better than information items read by the principal. Get maximum impact by writing a real scene with snappy dialogue and some kind of conflict, however small.

Wondering what writing assignment to give your students next? Why not ask them to dramatize some morning announcements. They could be inspired by fictional schools in novels like Hogwarts, Wayside School, or Prufrock Preparatory School. Alternately, let them spoof pop stars like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus or historical figures to tie in with the curriculum.


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